Meet Dr. Choboter

Regardless of where you come from or the language you speak, your smile is one of the most important forms of communication. Instantly, it projects your self confidence, personality, self image, and how you feel about the people you're with both personally and professionally. Your smile impacts everyone who sees it, and it reflects in how they see and treat you.

If you have been unhappy with how your smile looks, functions or feels, consider the benefits of Comprehensive Dental Care & Cosmetic Dentistry. And one thing is certain - you deserve the right procedures from the right professionals. Professionals who have devoted their lives to mastering the skills of comprehensive care

Dr. Choboter has been practicing dentistry in Victoria for the past 30 years where he has been creating a positive impact in the lives of his patients who trust him with their smiles and their oral health.  He is committed to providing quality conservative cosmetic and comprehensive dental care in a relaxing environment. Dr. Choboter loves the day-to-day interactions with his patients, and the wonderful relationships he has built over the years.


The unique combination of art and science is what keeps him enthusiatic about dentistry. He has always been attracted to the creativity of dentistry, and the way that a quality dental treatment can have a positive impact of so many of his patients' lives. Dr. Choboter began his dental career by attending the University of Alberta, Edmonton where he received his Bachelor of Science degree followed by his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. He began practicing dentistry in 1994.

Continuing Education

Dr. Choboter is a strong believer in continuing education. He commits to over 100 hours of continuing education each year as a way to advance his skills and knowledge, and continue providing his patients with the most up-to-date dental care possible. Passionately, Dr Choboter has devoted himself to learning the best techniques and materials from the top experts from around the world. He is also a member of several professional dental associations, which provide him with year-round opportunities for continuing education, including the:

Dr. Choboter is a Certified Botox Cosmetic provider, a Certified Invisalign Preferred Provider , and he holds accreditation and certification in Advanced Occlusion and Full Mouth Restorative training from the Spears Education Center and the Hornbrook Institute. As an active member in the AACD, a frequent attendee of the prestigious Spears Dental Center in Scottsdale Arizona and the Seattle based Kois Dental Education Center, he spends in the hundreds of hours each year outside of his practice advancing his dental knowledge, and ensuring that his clinical care involves the best & most technologically advanced methods available.

Outside of the practice…

An avid traveler when he's not in the office, Dr. Choboter has ventured to most corners of the earth tasting the local cuisine and photographing the natural beauty of the world. Dr. Choboter also enjoys mountain biking, photography, yoga, and most board sports! Anything outside and active is usually his calling.


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